Alternative 1 (recommended) - Choose size corresponding to your standard shoe size

The easeiest solution to find the correct size in our standard cedar wood shoe trees, is to start with your shoe size in welted shoes - and then go down 0,5-1 sizes in the shoe trees, since they are relatively large in size. For example, if you wear EU43/UK9 in you welted shoes, choose size 42 in our cedar wood shoe trees. The same goes if you wear EU42,5/UK8,5, you choose size 42 shoe trees. If you have size EU42/UK8 in your shoes, then you go down to size 41 in the shoe trees. And so on. 

Please note we have a special guide for women so the guide here is only written for men's sizes. 

Alternative 2 - Measure your feet and compare to our size table

If you are still a bit uncertain of which size to choose, do the following:

  • Put your foot on a piece of paper and lean slightly forward so you put your full weight on your foot.
  • Using a pencil draw around your foot.
  • Now you can measure the length of your foot and look at the table below to see which size fits you the best.
    Choose a shoetree that is between 1-2 cm bigger than your foot. For example if your foot is 29 cm you should go for size 43 or 44 since the shoetree can be contracted 2 cm.
Size (EU) Size (UK) Measurement (length)
34 23,5 cm
35 24,5 cm
36 3,5 25,5 cm
37 4 26,0 cm
38 5 26,5 cm
39 6 27,0 cm
40 6,5 27,3 cm
41 7,5 27,7 cm
42 8 28,0 cm
43 9 28,5 cm
44 9,5-10 30,0 cm
45 10,5-11 30,5 cm
46 11,5 31,0 cm

The length in cm of the shoetree is in its full length. From this length the tubes of the shoetree can be pushed together 2 cm. You always want to push your trees about 1-2 cm together to make them stretch the shoe in a proper way.If you still feel you have questions dont hesitate to contact us at We are always here to help you!



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