Care of equestrian equipment

Here you will find products to best clean and care for horse tack and equestrian equipment, such as riding boots, saddles, bridles, halters, reins, riding gloves, chaps and so on. Leather is a natural material with many unique and amazing properties. It's durable, breathable, can be made both stiff and soft and pliable, can withstand tough conditions, and not least, it becomes more and more beautiful over the years, as long as it's well cared for. You can do this with our leather products, mainly from the French brand Saphir, one of the world's leading manufacturers of leather and shoe care products.

What makes Saphir a good brand for care of horse tack and equestrian equipment?

Unlike most brands, Saphir, and its owner Avel, has its own factory and development department in France. This is in Magnac-Lavalette-Villars in the west of the country. This provides an excellent opportunity to maintain the quality level of the products, and to constantly refine and develop the range.

The knowledge available in this factory is huge, both in production and in their laboratory. The lab develops both new products for large-scale production, but also many special orders for different products that companies order for specific purposes.

Otherwise, Saphir's great strength is the high quality level of the raw materials. Their size and long history in the field allows them to source the very best in terms of oils, waxes and the other substances used in their leather and shoe care products. As a rule, only natural ingredients are used, no synthetic additives such as silicone or similar, which are often unfortunately used in leather care products to keep the price down and make production easier.

How do I clean and care for leather riding boots?

Good leather riding boots are an investment that deserves to be taken care of. If you treat them well, they will last longer and look better along the way. This is especially important as they are often subjected to harsh conditions.

Some simple steps to take good care of riding boots:
- Brush or wipe them after each use to prevent surface dirt from rubbing into the leather. Use a brush with a handle, and if it's been wet, a damp dishcloth is a good way to dry it.
- Use wooden shoe trees to keep the shoe part itself in shape and not shrink, and ideally also boot shapers to keep the shape of the boot shaft.
- Take care of your boots regularly to prevent the leather from drying out and to reinforce the protection. Use a coloured shoe polish such as Saphir Medaille d'Or Crème Pommadier to cover marks and make the boots look good again, or on heavier riding boots a leather grease such as Saphir Dubbin Grease. If they need deep care, you can use Saphir Renovateur Crème, for example. If you want a real shine, finish with a wax polish such as Saphir Medaille d'Or Pate de Lux. Always finish the care by brushing the boots with a good shoe brush.
- When the riding boots are really dirty, they need to be cleaned in-depth, which is best done with a Saphir's mild but effective leather soap.

How do I care for the saddle, bridle and halter?

Make sure you clean and care for your horse tack, like the saddle, bridle, halter, reins and other leather accessories in the best possible way to keep them looking good and extend their lifespan. This also applies to other leather riding and horse accessories. This is equipment that often gets sandy and dirty, is exposed to moisture and sweat from the horse, and so on. The beauty of leather is that it can be cleaned and restored even after being really badly damaged.

Here are some simple steps to take good care of horse tack:
- Brush or wipe the saddle, bridle, etc. after each use to prevent surface dirt from settling into the leather. Use a brush with a handle, and if it's been wet, a damp dishcloth or sponge can be a good way to wipe it off.
- Make sure they are stored properly, out of the sun and not in an overly humid environment. Leave everything hanging as freely as possible so that air can circulate around the equipment.
- When the saddle, bridle, halter or other equipment becomes more heavily soiled, they need to be thoroughly cleaned, preferably with a good leather soap.
- For regular care, use a good conditioner, such as Saphir Etalon Noir leather balm. Apply with a cotton cloth, small amounts in circular motions, and allow it to penetrate the leather thoroughly. Sometimes it can be useful to brush the surface afterwards to remove any excess, which could otherwise attract dirt and risk damage the thread on the saddle, for example.
- If the leather has become thoroughly dried out and perhaps cracked, it needs proper moisturizing. Use a leather oil such as Saphir Etalon Noir leather softener.

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