We offer a wide range of exclusive Goodyear welted shoes in various price ranges. Our own Spanish made Skolyx range, well renowned Yanko, and the praised brand TLB Mallorca.

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As an entry-level shoe we have our own Skolyx range with Goodyear welted shoes made in good full grain leather with thin rubber soles, offering the neat look of a leather sole with the durability of a rubber sole.
One step up we find Spanish Yanko with more lasts and details like closed channel soles (where you hide the sole stitch for aesthetic and practical purposes) which you normally only find on more expensive shoes.
Another step up we have TLB Mallorca who offer even higher quality working only with the best tanneries in Europe, full reverse calf for all suede, close-cut waist and really high level of finish.

To buy quality shoes is a sustainable choice. Good for the environment (natural materials produced in safe environments, and durable products with a long life that can be repaired), for the animals (only aminals that have lived a good life can become high quality leather) and for work environment (the shoes and all material comes from European tanneries and factories with good working environments).

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