Dress socks of really high quality that can last for many, many uses are surprisingly difficult to find. That was our own experience, hence we spent a lot of efforts to develop our own ribbed wool socks together with a carefully selected Italian manufacturer. After we've tested our way with different mixes of material we found a perfect mix, and have socks that both stay up, keep the shape over time and not least are really durable, at the same time that they have all the pros with the wool.

The main feature of wool is that it regulates temperature naturally, which means that if it's warm outside they keep your feet cool, and if it's cold they help give warmth. If you mix the wool with nylon you increase durability, at the same time as we've added a bit of elastane to give some stretch which helps achieving a good fit. Offered in both ankle length and Over the Calf, OTC. We also have socks from the well-renowned brand Sozzi Calce who have made socks in Italy since 2912, as well as so called "no-show" socks, excellent in your loafers.