Clothing care

Your clothes spend the most of its time in your wardrobe or on their hangers or in the drawers. Thats why its important to choose hangers and other accessories for your wardrobe that takes good care of your clothes. At the same time hangers and other clothing care accessories are interior details, and by choosing good looking hangers will not only take care of your clothes in a great way, it will also look good and make it a joy in the morning when you enter your wardrobe.
Many of our hangers are made of non-treated red cedar wood, this makes the wood absorb moisture and also deters insects and rodents due to the nice cedar wood scent which they dislike.

We have a wide selection of hangers and other accessories for your wardrobe. Our hangers is made in 2 series. One is made in red aromatic cedar wood and the other one in beautiful high gloss dark wood.
Our hangers has a very generous quantity discount so you can upgrade your whole wardrobe at a very reasonable price.