Insoles, tongue pads, heel grips etc.

Here you'll find insoles, footbeds, arch support, tongue pads, heel cushions, heel grip in leather of high quality, shoe repair patches, and much more. With these products you can do a lot to modify the fit of your shoes, and get more comfortable shoes easily and cheap.

When we buy shoes there's often part of the fit that isn't 100%. Instead of using shoes that for example are a bit loose you can buy products that modify fit in the perfect way. In slightly large shoes you can place a thin insole, if the instep is a bit high attach a tongue pad, and so on. If you need extra support or relief we also offer footbeds, arch support and heel cushions. We also have various shoe repair patches which you can repair holes in the lining or somewhere else. Everything in high quality made to last long.

What kind of insole should I use?

It all depends on the type of shoe and the purpose of the insole. If it's just to fill out the shoes to reduce the size, choose a thin insole, preferably one made of leather that breathes well and can be placed under the existing insole if there is one.

If the purpose of the insole is to provide cushioning, choose a softer sole made of cushioning material, such as memory foam or pressure-relieving foam. We have many different types of cushioning insoles, and also cushioning inserts for the heel only.

If you need both relief and support, an anatomical footbed is recommended, choose one with a leather upper that breathes and is natural to the foot. There are different types of footbeds, both those that fill the whole shoe and 2/3 size that are better if you want to take up less space in the shoes.

Why do I need shoe inserts?

Many people get problems with their feet over the years, often because they have been under pressure for a long time in a slightly incorrect way, and one have not helped the feet with training. In order to prevent the problems from continuing, you should start to train your feet to strengthen them, and give them support in everyday life so that the problems do not get worse. Often you need help with support for one or both of the two foot arches, the medial arch, often called just the arch, and the transversal arch, which runs just behind the ball of the foot straight across.

For the medial arch and to keep it from collapsing, the foot needs a good arch support, either as part of an insole or a separate arch support. Which one suits you best can vary, if one option doesn't work, another may fit your feet better. For the transversal arch of the foot, a pelotte is needed to provide support and also help separate the toes, again this can be part of the insole or as a separate pelotte.

If you have other problems, such as heel spurs, it's cushioning and relief for the heel that matters, and even there you can have a cushioning sole or separate pressure-relieving heel insert.

How do I fix heel slippage?

Here you can use different solutions, depending on how the shoe fits otherwise. A simple and practical one is a self-adhesive suede tongue pad that holds down and push back the foot, often works particularly well on loafers. If the heel area is too large, a soft heel grip can be a good alternative, filling out the heel and making it softer. An insole for the whole shoe or just the back can also help with heel slippage. Sometimes a combination of two or more of the above is the best solution, depending on the shoe and foot.

This guide explains how to fix the fit of oversized shoes.

Here is a guide on how to use different inserts to overcome various types of foot problems.

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