With our engraving service you can have your name, your favourite quote or something else engraved on our popular products in cedar wood or other wood types. You can engrave both shoe trees, shoe care valet boxes, different hangers and shoehorns and in a beautiful way make your wardrobe more personal. Engraved shoe trees or hangers are also an excellent gift for Christmas, birthdays, graduations, Mother's day or Father's day, and other special occasions. Extra nice to give away can one of our beneficial packages with engraved products be.
Delivery time for our engraved products is longer than regular, expect about 3-8 extra days. If your order is urgent, contact us and we will try to speed up your delivery.

If you have any special requests with larger quantities, more advanced engraving with symbols or similar, feel free to contact us at ktj@skolyx.se and we will give you an offer. We do our best to accomodate all inquires.