Women's shoes

We are proud of the fact that we also offer a nice range of Goodyear welted women’s shoes, made to the same high standard when it comes to construction and material as our men’s shoes. Manufactured on Mallorca, Spain, for our own brand Skolyx, plus a few models from Yanko.

With our own collection of Goodyear welted women's shoes we have been able to develop exactly the type of shoes we have had a lot of questions about from our female customers. Boots with an elegant last shape where no shortcuts have been taken when it comes to construction and material, with thin rubber soles making them very versatile. Here you'll get a lot of shoes for the money. shoes that will be with you for many years with the right care.

What are welted shoes?

A Goodyear welted shoe uses a leather insole, which is like the spine of the shoe, and into which the upper leather and a leather strip (welt) are attached, this is done with a welt stitch. The outer sole is then sewn onto the welt with a seam running along the outside of the shoe. This means that you only need to remove the sole stitch when you change the sole, leaving the welt stitching that holds the shoe together intact.

Why buy welted shoes?

Quality footwear is a sustainable choice, which is great for the environment (natural materials made in safe conditions, and durable stuff that last for many years and can be repaired), for the animals (only well-treated animals can become the high quality full grain leather used in our shoes) and for working conditions (the shoes and materials come from European tanneries and factories with good working conditions).

Who invented the Chelsea boot?

The model was invented by J Sparkes-Hall, bespoke shoemaker to Queen Victoria of England in the 19th century. He had made balmoral boots with a seam running like a galoshes along the side of the boot for her husband Prince Albert. In 1837, when Sparkes-Hall continued to work on the balmoral boot design and incorporated elastic textile pieces, the new boot model was born. They were considered very comfortable, and according to J. Sparkes-Hall, "Queen Victoria wore them daily, giving the strongest proof of the value she placed on the invention".

It got its current name during the swinging London era of the 1950s and 1960s, with celebrities such as the Rolling Stones, Jean Shrimpton and The Beatles hanging out in the Chelsea district wearing the boots. It's a unisex boot style, equally popular with both men and women ever since it saw the light of day.

What are jodphurs?

Jodphur boots are named after the Indian town of the same name, where polo players began wearing these mid-height boots with buckles that ran around the ankle. This was in the 1920s, and quickly the style spread around the world, with Saks Fifth Avenue starting to sell it in 1927 and Vogue magazine featuring the shoe in a cover story that same year. In equestrian circles, the term jodphurs is sometimes also used for chelsea boots with elasticated sides, but generally only the buckled model is referred to.

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