As we see braces gaining ground within menswear today, Albert Thurston started producing braces in England already in 1820, and has since become famous for their quality and high comfort. Throughout history, Albert Thurston has been worn both by kings and revered actors on the silver screen, such as the stylish Michael Douglas in Wall Street and the impeccably dressed Daniel Craig in James Bond. While a belt sometimes puts pressure on the bearer’s waist, braces manage to combine the elegance of a classic look, while at the same time alleviating the bearer from the strain a belt might cause. Regardless of your preference on color or pattern of your braces, you will most likely find something to your delight among our great variety of suspenders, including paisley pattern, dots, stripes and single-colored ones. All of our braces are two-in-one, allowing you to switch between removable leather straps and clips, depending if your trouser is equipped with buttons or belt loops.So, whether your are putting on the dinner jacket or just out for a sunday stroll, a pair of Albert Thurston braces will fit the occasion, keep you comfortable and hold your trousers up. Either way - you will love them!