With Hestra, French artisanal heritage is forged with Swedish family tradition. Perhaps surprising, the two brothers Anton and Niklas Magnusson, glove makers of fourth generation and current owners of the Hestra business, are two of the few glove makers left in the world. Luckily, they have chosen to carry on the tradition and are now producing the hallmark of quality gloves, using nothing but the best raw material possible. At our webshop you will find two different ranges of Hestra gloves: the Hestra Collection, constituting the entry level of quality gloves, and the Table Cut, made by the finest lamb napa and peccary with cashmere lining, for an understated elegance and luxuriously soft feeling. As all leather goods, gloves develop a certain patina over the years, so make sure to give them some love and care once in a while, and be certain they will age beautifully. To further ensure a longer lifespan of your gloves, keep them in rotation with at least another pair to prevent excess tear. Sizing is made by measuring the circumference of your palm in inches. So, if your senses are tickled by the combination of great craftmanship and an artisanal narrative, Hestra should be the gloves of your choice. Shortly: there are gloves, and there are Hestra gloves.