Here you will find our carefully selected range of gloves from Swedish Hestra, made in among other things, lambskin, moose and peccary leather. We offer a wide selection of different colorus and models so that you can match in the best way with your shoes, scarves and other clothing. A pair of high-quality leather gloves is an investment that you will enjoy and benefit from for many years to come.

Good leather gloves take care of your hands and are both comfortable and warm while being a nice accessory. All our gloves are manufactured by the well-renowned Swedish company Hestra, which started its operations in 1936. Today, Hestra is run by the third and fourth generation Magnusson from the office in Hestra in Småland. Hestra itself is responsible for the entire production chain, from purchasing raw materials to owning their own factories, which means that they have full control of the entire chain and thus can ensure both high product quality and that the gloves are manufactured under good conditions for everyone involved.