We at Skolyx have worked together with TLB Mallorca to develop a whole new shoe range: Artista. The aim has been to push the bar for Goodyear welted shoes in the midrange price segment, where we have looked and learned from both some of the absolute high-end RTW shoe brands and had help from bespoke shoemakers in England and Japan.

The result is shoes with for example very tight waists, real leather heel stiffeners, close-cut heels and only first grade-leather from the well-known tanneries Annonay and Charles F. Stead. Two all-new lasts have been made specifically for the Artista range: the soft chiseled Picasso last, and the Goya last with a classic round toe. The praised fit of the regular TLB lasts are kept, while shapes are more enhanced and elegant, in line with the more refined making on the Artista range.

Artista will be shown to the world for the first time at the London Super Trunk Show this Saturday. We will run a pre-order period through April with expected delivery in May (early orders receive first). We will also take these on tour together with our upcoming loafer range from our own label, to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö in Sweden during April, and Moscow in Russia on April 20 for the Moscow Trunk Show.

Full list of features which all are either very rare or unique for this price range:
  • Extremely slim bevelled waists, which accentuates the shape of the shoe. Made with stitching all the way back to the heel, so the waist is not only cemented or Blake stitched as is commonly seen when making narrower waists.
  • Bevelling of the waist continues in under the heel, which normally almost only can be found on bespoke shoes. This creates a stronger waist, and looks more natural.
  • Real leather heel stiffeners (not leather board), conforms to the feet in the best way, and is a living material that can be re-shaped if needed.
  • Close-cut heels, follows the natural lines of the shoes.
  • Very smooth sanded sole and heel edges, also the waist edge is smooth, which is very rare to see. This not only looks lovely, it makes it much easier to polish them and keep the edges in good condition.
  • Tight sole stitch of 8 spi (stitches per inch), together with a well-balanced fudge wheel setting.