We are very pleased to announce today our new collection of women's shoes. The collection has been developed based on the feedback and wishes we received from our female customers via mail, but also on the events we have been part of around the country. Many have experienced it as difficult to find high quality, sleek, stylish welted boots. Often it is common for the women's shoes to be made to a slightly lower standard, for example, without leather lining and with cheaper upper leather. We wanted to do something different.

With Skolyx women's shoes we have made a number of boots to the same high standard as our men's shoes. Made in Mallorca, with the same advanced construction and quality materials as on the men's side. With full grain calf leather from among others world-renowned French tannery Annonay, with heel stiffeners leather board that conform well after the foot, to mention a few examples.

We have been working with women's shoes from Yanko before, of which we received very nice feedback, now with our own collection we have been able to fine-tune according to the wishes we received, with for example thinner rubber soles, and make exactly the models we wanted.

Now the first round we have a chelsea boot in black and dark brown leather and brown suede, and a jodhpur boot in black and a gorgeous urgundy. The latter will soon also be available in versions with light brown and dark brown leather. Have a closer look at all our women's shoes here.