Our own range of high quality shoe brushes

Good brushes is fundamental to be able to take care of your shoes in a good way. We have developed a complete range of shoe brushes of really high quality together with a German factory. After working with shoes and shoe care for many years ourself, and gained lots of input from our customers, we have learned what makes brushes good. Some of the things we focused on when developing these brushes were the following:
- User-friendly shapes
- Bristles that don't break or come loose too much
- Sustainable production with natural and environmentally friendly material

Down in the South West parts of Germany, bordering to Switzerland and France, the area Black Forest is located (Schwarzwald in German). It's a relatively inaccessible terrain with lots of mountains and forests, where industrialisation came late, so the knowledge in traditional craftsmanship especially within woodwork has been well developed. Since centuries back it's been a centre for manufacturing of different tupes of brushes, and still today Black Forest is somewhat the Mecca of brush manufacturing in Europe. Here the factory we decided to work with is located, founded almost 80 years ago.

All brushes are made in exclusive beechwood that comes from local trees in Black Forest. The wood is varnished in a deep red-brown mahogany shade, with gold coloured Skolyx logo. Most of the brushes then have bristles made of natural hairs that comes from European animals. For example the horsehair brushes are made of the highest quality of hair which comes from the tail. It's really durable and minimise bristles coming loose or break.
We are also very proud to be able to offer these premium brushes to really affordable prices, making it possible for everyone to buy brushes of the best quality.

Below a summary of the various products we have just launched:

Shoe brush horsehair
A cornerstone for shoe care, a real premium shoe care brush. 16,5 centimeter long with bristles in dense, exclusive horsehair. Excellent for brushing in shoe cream and achieving a shine when polishing your shoes or to get rid of dirt and dust. Slightly curved shape for comfortable use, with hollowed grip on the sides and gentle rounded corners.

Large shoe brush horsehair
A large shoe brush which is 20,5 cm long and 6,5 cm wide, made in beechwood. Long, dense bristles of natural horsehair. The size makes it extra easy to brush up shoe cream or remove dirt.

Applicator brush with long handle
Applicator brush of very high quality, ergonomically designed handle which makes the brush fit well in any jar and makes it easy to apply the cream.

Goat hair brush
Shoe care brush with very soft goat hair bristles, perfect for the final finish or to get rid of dirt and dust without harming the shine.

Shoe brush with boar bristles
Shoe care brush in beechwood with wild boar bristles which are more rigid than horsehair, which makes this brush excellent to really brush the cream into the leather. Extra useful on shoes in grain leather or with a lot of brogue details.

Suede brush with handle
Suede brush with a practical handle. Brass bristles in the centre and slightly longer synthetic bristles on the outside, a combination that effectively lift the suede fibrers yet is relatively gentle.

Crepe brush for suede and nubuck
Crepe brush made of natural rubber which is a soft material that makes the brush extra gentle on delicate suede and nubuck. Lets you clean and lift the fibres of the suede/nubuck in a good way. Also works well for outerwear, handbags etc.

Brush for sneakers and textile
Gentle white brush for sneakers and shoes in textile, also works on shoes in suede. The special synthetic bristles is developed not to hook into the fabric. Also work well for cleaning the rubber sole edge on sneakers together with a good cleaner, or to clean canvas bags or similar.

Cleaning rubber for suede and nubuck
A gentle yet effective cleaning rubber to remove smaller stains and dirt from suede or nubuck. One side is a crepe made of natural rubber, the other side is a soft rubber sponge.

Here you'll find all our brushes.

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