Shoetrees for womens shoes

To find the correct size for your shoetrees for women's shoes the best way is to take the measurements of your feet. 
For example a pair of womens shoes in size 38 (EU) can differ a lot in actual size depending on brand and model.
Generally you should always go down a size or two from our ordinary size table if you are a woman. Its important though to not have shoetrees in the exact same size as your feet. If they do have the same size the shoetree wont expand the shoe enough and some of the most important advantage of using a shoetree is lost.

For example: A women with size 39 in her shoes from the brand Loake (Chatterley) measures her feet and they are 25 cm in length. If we take a look at the table below we can see that the size 39 shoetrees is 27 cm in length. This would mean that the shoetrees is maximum pushed together (the shoetrees can contract 2 cm from their maximum length) to be 25 cm, the same as the womens feet is. A better fit in this case would be to go for a size 37 or 38 depending on how much you would like the shoe to be stretched.

To find out which size that is most suitable for you, follow this simple steps:
1. Place your foot on a piece paper and lean slightly forward so you have your foot firmly placed on the paper.
2. Draw a line around your foot with a pencil.
3. Now you can measure the length of your foot and look at the table below to see which shoetree fits you the best. Choose a shoetree that is between 1 and 2 cm bigger than your foot measurement. For example if your foot is 25 cm choose size 37 or 38.
Size (EU)Size (UK)Length (CM)
363,525,5 cm
37426,0 cm
38526,5 cm
39627,0 cm
406,527,8 cm
417,528,5 cm
42829,0 cm
43929,5 cm
449,5-1030,0 cm
4510,5-1130,5 cm
4611,531,5 cm

Please note that the measurements show the shoetrees expanded mode. From the expanded mode they can be detracted 2 cm.
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