When it comes to shoe trees for women's shoes, there are a number of different models depending on the shoe type. We have models for high-heeled shoes, neat low shoes, and for boots. In this guide we will go through the different shoe trees we offer and give some tips and advice on how to think when choosing shoe trees for women's shoes.

High-heeled shoes

Skoblock för damskor med hög klack eller lutande sula

For high-heeled shoes we have a special model that is quite unique. They are made of red cedar wood and have a toe section with an angle and a heel section which is joined together with a gold-colored cylinder with a spring in which makes the trees very flexible and adjustable up to 2 cm. This shoe tree is availbe in the sizes EU35-41 and we recommend you to choose the same size as you have on your high heel shoes, or choose one size bigger on the shoe trees if you feel that the shoes you have are very large in size or if you stretch them a lot through use. For example, if you normally have size 37 in shoes but have a pair of high heels that have size 36 because they are generous in sizes, then we recommend that you choose size 37 on the shoe trees. You can find our shoe trees for high heeled women's shoes here.

Shoe trees for neat women's shoes
Skoblock för nätta damskor

For neater women's shoes such as ballerinas or loafers that have a tight fit, we have a model specially designed for this type of shoes. They are made of red cedar wood and have a toe section and a heel section that are tied together with a gold-colored cylinder with a spring in which makes the block very flexible and adjustable up to 2 cm. The shoe trees are in sizes EU35-41 and we recommend that you choose the same size as the shoes or a size larger if you feel that the shoes are large in size. These shoe trees fit all shoes that are of a slightly more neat model where the sole is flat. You can find our shoe trees for low women's shoes here.

Boot stretchers and toe fillers

To keep the shape of the shaft of boots, we have boot stretchers in both cedar wood and plastic. The advantage of those in cedar wood is that the cedar neutralises bad odor and helps the leather to recover after use. These are a bit heavier than the plastic boot stretchers, and if the shaft of the boots are not so stable we recommend instead our plastic boot stretchers that also extend the shaft and help the shaft of the boots maintain the shape. Our plastic variant also has a practical hook so you can hang the boots in the wardrobe. You will find our cedar boot stretchers here and our plastic boot stretchers here.

For neat shoes where it's mainly the toe area that you want to retain the shape on, we have toe fillers in antibacterial plastic foam for different types of women's shoes. You will find all these in our shoe tree category

Shoe trees for heavier women's shoes and boots

For our standard shoe trees with split toe, you should generally go down two sizes from your regular shoe size when using them in women's boots or heavier shoes like brogues etc. It's important to not have shoe trees in the exact same size as your feet. If they do have the same size the shoetree won't expand the shoe enough and some of the most important advantage of using a shoetree is lost.

For example: A women with size 39 in her shoes from the brand's Skolyx or Loake (Chatterley) measures her feet and they are 25 cm in length. If we take a look at the table below we can see that the size 39 shoetrees is 27 cm in length. This would mean that the shoetrees is maximum pushed together (the shoetrees can contract 2 cm from their maximum length) to be 25 cm, the same as the womens feet is. A better fit in this case would be to go for a size 37.

If you want to use measurement table to find out which size that is most suitable for you, follow this simple steps:
1. Place your foot on a piece paper and lean slightly forward so you have your foot firmly placed on the paper.
2. Draw a line around your foot with a pencil.
3. Now you can measure the length of your foot and look at the table below to see which shoetree fits you the best. Choose a shoetree that is between 1 and 2 cm bigger than your foot measurement. For example if your foot is 25 cm choose size 37 or perhaps 38.

Size (EU) Size (UK) Length (CM)
36 3,5 25,5 cm
37 4 26,0 cm
38 5 26,5 cm
39 6 27,0 cm
40 6,5 27,8 cm
41 7,5 28,5 cm
42 8 29,0 cm
43 9 29,5 cm
44 9,5-10 30,0 cm
45 10,5-11 30,5 cm
46 11,5 31,5 cm

Please note that the measurements show the shoe trees expanded mode. From the expanded mode they can be detracted 2 cm.
And remember - If you have any doubts or questions, dont hesitate to contact us on ktj@skolyx.se and we will be happy to assist you.



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