Yanko - MTO (Made To Order)

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Yanko has made shoes for decades and have a very wide range of last, models and patterns and together with a lot of different leathers/suede and soles you can create a shoe just like you want at a very reasonable price. Follow the easy steps below to create your own MTO. Delivery time for MTO is about 8-10 weeks.

1. Choose model

The first step is to choose what model you would like. We have a lot of stock models you can get inspiration from, on our instagram we post different mto:s and you can also contact us with pictures from other shoes you have seen, and we will see if Yanko has something similar. Just contact us on info@skolyx.se and we will get back to you shortly.

2. Choose last and width

A lot of the models are available on different last where some lasts also are available in different widths. Some models are created for certain lasts so it might be models that can not be produced on all lasts. Here is a picture of the most common different Yanko lasts. Last 955 wich is a loafer last is not in this picture.

Yanko lasts

3. Choose leather / suede / cordovan

Yanko uses leathers from D'Annonay in France and other leading european tanneries. The plain colored leathers you can choose from is:
  • Boxcalf black
  • Boxcalf dark brown
  • Cambridge niger (dark brown but in lighter shade compared to boxcalf dark brown)
  • Cambridge cuero (light brown/cognac)
  • Cambridge burgundy
  • Cambridge natural (pure crust leather)
If you want something with more shades Yanko finishes some leathers by hand to create a finish similar to museum calf but where the finished color is produced at the Yanko factory by hand. The hand finished leathers is the following:
  • Navy blue
  • Light brown (cuero)
  • Dark brown (testa de moro)
  • Uranio (red tones)
  • Burgundy
Grain leather is available in the following colors:
  • Light brown
  • Dark brown
  • Black
Suede is available in lots of colors where some change during the seasons, please contact us at info@skolyx.se if you have another request that is not in the list.
  • Light brown suede
  • Medium brown suede
  • Dark brown suede
  • Gray suede
  • Navy suede
  • Burgundy suede
  • Green suede
Cordovan colors is depending on what the tanneries can supply at the moment but usually the following is available. Contact us to see whats available at the moment.
  • Cordovan color 8
  • Cordovan cognac
  • Cordovan black
  • Cordovan navy
The extra cost for cordovan shoes is 2300 sek inc vat (230€ inc vat / 184€ ex vat) (283$ inc vat / 226$ ex vat)
The extra cost for cordovan boot is 2500 sek inc vat (250€ inc vat / 200€ ex vat) (308$ inc vat / 246$ ex vat)

4. Choose sole

Yanko offers the following soles:
  • Leather sole
  • York sole (half rubber)
  • Vibram rubber sole (full rubber sole)
  • Atlanta sole
Yanko soles

5. Extra choices

Double leather sole and storm welt can be arranged by request. The cost is 10€ extra for each.
If you have any special request feel free to contact us by mail info@skolyx.se

6. How to make an order

Please contact us to confirm all details by mail info@skolyx.se, after everything is confirmed go to httpss://www.skolyx.se/en/39-made-to-order and place the product corresponding to your mto in the cart and proceed through the checkout. Once the orders is payed we will confirm all details one last time before we put the order into production at the factory. Lead time for MTO is approximately 8-10 weeks.

More info about the lasts

962 is a classic round last.

Läst 962 bild 1
Läst 962 bild 2

961 is a more narrow last with more straight lines.

Läst 961 bild 1
Läst 961 bild 2

915 is Yankos chiseled last and the last we have on most of our stock models. (We also have stock models on lasts 961 and 962 if you want to try a stock model before ordering MTO).

Läst 915 bild 1
Läst 915 bild 2

948 reminds a bit about 962 but has some small differences.

Läst 948

955 is the last that is used for loafers.

Läst 955 bild 1
Läst 955 bild 2

960 is used in some of the boots: 

Läst 960 bild 1
Läst 960 bild 2