Made To Order

If you want to create your own shoe and change details such as leather, last and so on our MTO service is the choice for you. On this page you will find information about some of the possibilites through our mto program. If you have further questions not covered here you are of course very welcome to contact us through the contact form in the menu and we will get back to you shortly.

Detail questions

Wich lasts is available to choose from?
962 is a classic round last.

Läst 962 bild 1
Läst 962 bild 2

961 is a more narrow last with more straight lines.

Läst 961 bild 1
Läst 961 bild 2

915 is Yankos chiseled last and the last we have on most of our stock models. (We also have stock models on lasts 961 and 962 if you want to try a stock model before ordering MTO).

Läst 915 bild 1
Läst 915 bild 2

948 reminds a bit about 962 but has some small differences.

Läst 948

955 is the last that is used for loafers.

Läst 955 bild 1
Läst 955 bild 2

960 is used in some of the boots: 

Läst 960 bild 1
Läst 960 bild 2

More lasts are available as well. Contact us if you have any special requests.
Is it possible to get storm welt?
yes, storm welt is possible.
Is string loafers available?
Yes, string loafers is available.
Is it possible to change the buckles on monk shoes or judphurs?
No, unfortunately not.
Is all models possible to make on all lasts?
It depends on the model and last you wish for. In some cases the pattern doesnt come out looking good on some lasts. But feel free to contact us and we will see what we can arrange for you.
Is it possible to change patterns? For example brogue pattern or seams?
In many cases it is, however we cant guarantee its always possible and its always easier if you have a very clear idea on exactly how you want it. Since we are going to explain the changes for the factory its important that the demands is very clear. Just contact us and we work something out!
What different kinds of leather is available?
When it comes from leather the colors possible to choose is: black, dark brown, light brown, burgundy and crust leather (natural). Other colors available is navy and medium brown. Grain leather is available in different colors. If you want cordovan that is also possible. Extra cost is applied when ordering cordovan. The extra cost is between 100-200€ depending on the model of the shoe.

Suede is available in the following colors:

Wich soles is available to choose from?
You can choose between leather sole, york-sole or full rubber sole. Yanko has their own rubber sole but you can also choose the full rubber sole from Vibram.
Leather sole




Rubber sole from Yanko or Vibram
Full rubber sole is available in Yankos version below or Vibrams version (not on picture).


Questions about delivery and payment

What is the delivery time for MTO orders?
About 8-10 weeks.
How and when do I pay the MTO?
We have two options where you can choose to pay the full amount when ordering or you can deposit 50% when you place the order and the other 50% when your MTO is ready. Contact us if you want to split the payment in 50% upon order and 50% upon delivery.
Can I return my MTO?
Since the MTO is produced exactly according to your requests we cant offer returns on MTO orders.
Do you offer GMTO? (Group made to order)
Yes, if 4 pairs or more are ordered the MTO fee wont be charged.