For those of you who are playing football or practicing some other sport where the shoes are an important part of the sport, it's important to use good shoe trees so that the shoes do not cause pain, lose shape or break apart. Should any of these occur, performance during training and matches may be suffering. Our cedar shoe trees are perfect for football shoes and other sports shoes that are usually tight around the foot. Football shoes are often wet after training and matches, not only because of the sweat that comes from the foot but also from the rain. This causes the shoes to lose shape, which one can often experience when the shoes rest a day after training and matches.

To avoid this, one should therefore use full-foot shoe trees that fill the entire shoe and which do not risk damaging the heel of the shoe, such as spiral trees. (block with a spring and a knob behind it). If you want to choose the size of your shoe trees for football shoes or other sports shoes that are tight against your feet, you should choose a pair of shoe trees that are as long in centimeters as your feet. This means that you will need to go down a bit in size on the trees compared to your soccer shoes. For example, if you have feet that measure 28.5 cm you sometimes have Adidas in size 45.

Then you should not go with size 45 in the trees but instead see what the length 28.5 cm corresponds to in the table which is size 41 which then becomes correct. Further down on this page you will find a measurement table and by clicking here you will come to the product page for our football shoe trees. You are also always welcome to email us at with any questions you might have.
Skoblock för fotbollsskor

Measure your feet and compare with our measurement table

To measure the length of your foot:
- Take an A4 paper and put your foot on the paper and put full weight on your foot.
- Draw with a pen around your foot. (You should wear socks unless you usually walk barefoot in the shoes you should use the shoe trees with)
- Now measure the longest measure of length.

Now that you have your dimensions, you can look in the following table to compare with the size of our shoe trees.

Size (EU) Size (UK) Measurement (length)
34 23,5 cm
35 24,5 cm
36 3,5 25,5 cm
37 4 26,0 cm
38 5 26,5 cm
39 6 27,0 cm
40 6,5 27,8 cm
41 7,5 28,5 cm
42 8 29,0 cm
43 9 29,5 cm
44 9,5-10 30,0 cm
45 10,5-11 30,5 cm
46 11,5 31,0 cm

Should the shoe trees not fit, it's always possible to change, in case of exchange you as a customer pay the return freight to us while we are responsible for the freight back. Exceptions apply if you pay with PayPal - then PayPal repays the entire return shipping to you as a customer and you can exchange completely free of charge.

Sportfresh - for shoes and exercise bags

Other great products for sports shoes and exercise bags are sportfresh, which are fabric products filled with cedar wood sandings, which absorb moisture and counteract bad odors in a natural way. The cedar also keeps pests away, an added bonus. Available for shoes here, and here is a variant adapted for bags.



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