Size guide for Skolyx, Yanko and TLB Mallorca

The size of the all our Goodyear welted shoes (both from our own brand Skolyx, Yanko or TLB Mallorca) are in general comparable with other Goodyear welted shoes. To give you more reference points to find your correct size we have created this guide where we list different measurements and other lasts as reference to help you find the correct size. Over 90% of our customers find their correct fit at their first attempt.

If you don't have any experience of Goodyear welted shoes from before, but mainly have worn sneakers or cemented dress shoes, there are different traditions on how you grade sizes (one mark the sizes after which length of the foot that should suit the shoe, one grade the size after the actual length of the shoe). Therefore most size down one full size in welted shoes compared to sneakers, running shoes or other cemented shoes. For example, if you wear EU43/UK9 in your regular shoes, most wear EU42/UK8 in Goodyear welted shoes. 

For our loafers from our own brand Skolyx it's normally recommended to size down one half size fompared to our other shoes from Skolyx/Yanko/TLB. Our sneakers differ from this guide and you'll find size advice for these at the bottom of their product pages.

Compare sizes to other brands / lasts

If you already own shoes from other brands that fit well we have made a chart on how a majority of our customers choose size in our welted shoes compared to other brands.

If we take Meermin Hiro as an example the chart states "-0,5". This means that in our Goodyear welted shoes you are likely to go down 0,5 size compared to what you wear in Meermin Hiro. So if you wear for example UK10 in your Meermin we recommend UK9,5 in our shoes.

Note that of course personal preferences matter, this should be viewed as guidelines and not definite fact.

To choose size based on the length of your feet

Even if the shape of your feet are really important it's often possible to find your size by measuring the length of your feet. Of course you have to consider if you for example have really wide feet, high instep or similar. This is also a matter of personal taste since some prefer a more generous fit and some prefer a very tight fit. However the chart below have shown to match very well with what our customers prefer. Note that for Skolyx loafers most go down one half size compared to what is stated below.

Measure your feet with your heel placed towards a wall and a measuring tape, ruler or folding rule on the floor. The chart below is a guideline.

Further tips and advice around sizing

We have many years of experience to give advice around sizing and fit, if you want personal service or more measurements and information you are always welcome to contact us at and we'll get back to you shortly.