Our terms and conditions

Free shipping on all orders above 249 SEK. For orders below 249 SEK the shipping cost is 39 SEK.

If you are a customer from Norway, please visit our norwegian shop at www.shoecare.no.

Free shipping on all orders above 80 EURO. For orders below 80 EURO the shipping cost is 11 EURO.
The free shipping applies to countries that is members of EU and the EU tax union. If a country (like Finland, Åland is member of EU but not in the EU tax zone another freight applies).

Free shipping on all orders above 200 usd. For orders below 200 usd shipping cost is 21 usd.

Freight cost depends a bit on were you are located. By choosing your country in the drop down list you will see the current freight cost in the checkout page. if you have questions about freight cost to a country not listed in the dropdown field, just drop us an e-mail at info@skolyx.se and we will get back to you shortly.
We ship world wide and deduct VAT on all purchases from countries outside EU. To get the prices on our website listed without VAT, add any product to your cart and go to the checkout. In the country drop down field choose your country and the vat will be deducted from the prices. After this you can also browser through are shop and all prices will be listed without VAT.
When you order products from us the responsibility that the products is allowed to be imported to your country is yours. This is just if your country has some special limitations when it comes to leather shoes etc.
If your country isnt listed in the drop down field in the checkout, just send us an e-mail and we will add it.
The vat will be charged and handled 100% by the freight company wich is normally Swedish Post, DHL or Fedex. An administration fee is usually issued by the freight company for the vat handling and is about 10USD and local charges, duty, tax etc can be added depending on the rules in your country. This is something that we dont take any responsibility for, if you are unsure, feel free to email us and we can inform about or experience from previous orders from your country.

Shipping by Swedish National Post (PostNord) instead of DHL Express is possible, the extra charge is 20 usd if you want it to be shipped this way. Order this "product" together with your order to have it shipped by national post instead: httpss://www.skolyx.se/en/return-freight-label/484-shipping-with-national-post-swedish-post.html . The extra cost is due to more administrative work and higher freight cost for these orders.

For international orders we offer safe and secure payments by Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. Your credit card information is never visible for us and the transaction is encrypted to ensure the highest possible security for you as our customer.
In Sweden we offer safe through Klarna and Swish.

You may cancel your order and return it to us within 14 days after you received your products. If you want to return a product contact us at info@skolyx.se and we will provide you with all the information you need. The return freight is payed by you as a customer if you want to return your product(s). We will refund product value only, not freight cost. In rare occations a product can arrive in damaged condition due to the handling of the freight company. If this is the case we will of course refund you or send you a replacement product free of charge. If you dont pick up your package from your pickup point or if the freight company fails to deliver your product (they make 3 attempts) and the product is sent in return, we will charge 30€ for the extra costs that this costs us.
For shoes we have free exchange of size within swedish borders. If you order from outside sweden the cost for the return is not payed by us.
The only product that is excluded from the above is when you place an MTO-order (Made to order) or GMTO (group made to order)  and engraved products. This means that you choose exactly how your shoes should look and the factory produces them custom made for you. In this case its not possible to return the shoes to us.
Since MTO shoes is made by the factory mistakes can occur, it can be that certain details is missing or that mistakes occures that forces the shoes to be re-made. Any delays due to factory mistakes needs to be accepted when ordering MTO:s. It happens rarely but with out price range we cant make refunds or compensations because of delays in manufacturing. By ordering a mto you are aware of this and wont make any compensation demands towards us. Of course we always try to make the mto:s as fast as possible and delays are very very rare. GMTO is produced at a price lower than mto and based on the people ordering. All GMTO orders is final and no refund is possible. For engraved products there is no exchange or return possible due to the personalization. We advice to order the products without engraving first to make sure the sizing is correct. For returns we advice you to use our return labels wich we offer with DHL Express. If you choose to ship by other service like National Post etc its important that you declare it as a return and refer to the original shipment. If we are requested by Swedish National Post to cover any costs to receive the parcel, these needs to be payed by you as customer if you want us to receive the parcel.

Patina shoes is hand painted and created in natural leather exactly to your specification. All Patina orders is final and the result of the painting may vary from pictures due to light conditions etc. When buying a patina shoe you cant return or turn down the shoes if you are unhappy with the painting process. No customer has ever been dissapointed but we need to be extra clear that this is work of an artist and that we cant promise any result since the expecations may be so different from different customers. Since patina shoes is made for you only the order can not be cancelled, returned or exchanged.

When a product is bought with deposit full balance needs to be payed before we finalize the final product. If there is any questions about deposit, feel free to e-mail us prior to your purchase. No returns, exchanges or refunds is possible on orders made by deposit payment. If the balance payment is not payed, we will keep the initial deposit to cover our own costs of production work and material.

When you place an order with us your personal information is only stored and used to send your parcel and your tracking information. We will never share your information with other companies than the ones included in the delivery of your products (for example DHL, Swedish Post, Fedex)

What is the purpose of this policy?
This policy is to explain how we (Mode i Europa AB) collects, uses and protect the information you share with us.

Wich information is collected?
We collect inormation that is needed to delivery packages to you. Its Name, adress, email and mobile phone. The e-mail and mobile phone is used so we can send tracking link and so the freight company can reach you when they are going to deliver your parcel.

How will you use the information?
We wont collect more info than needed to deliver your parcel.

How long will you store the information?
According to swedish law we need to save information for accounting reasons for 7 years. Information that we use for newsletters and/or marketing will be kept until you ask us to remove it. Upon request we will remove your newsletter/marketing information if you ask us.

Will you share my information with someone?
No, we will only use the information ourselves and only share with freight companies when its needed for the delivery of your packages.
We have routines to make sure your information is stored securely and that we follow swedish rules.

Where do you store my information?
Our information is stored on servers located in Sweden.

What are my rights?
Rights to information : You may ask us for a copy of the information we keep.
Rights to correction and deletion: We always want to have correct information and you may contact us to get your information corrected or removed.
Rights to change opt-in: If you want you can always contact us if you want to be removed from our newsletter list. There is also always a unsubscribe link at the bottom of our newsletters.

If you have any questions or requests about our policy feel free to email us at info@skolyx.se

We use coockies to identify you as a customer as a unique but anonymous visitor. This is just to make it easier for you as a customer and save your shopping cart for future visits.

Skolyx has the right to change all information including prices, specifications and information if an error has occured.
We are aware of that shopping online is very different depending on your location and country, but please dont hesitate to contact us att info@skolyx.se if you have any questions.
We are here to help you and are really looking forward to help you in any possible way we can.