Too large shoes? Adjust the fit by yourself

Its very common that we receive questions about in wich ways its possible to adjust the fit of a shoe that is a bit to large. In this guide we will show how you can make a pair of shoes about a half size smaller (UK0,5). We will use a insole, tounge pad and heel grip. You can find them in accessories / insoles category or by clicking here.

Produkter för att korrigera passformen
The products we will use in this guide

Shoes UK0,5 size to big

Shoes are usually available in half sizes, so if you have a pair that is a little bit to big / roomy its usually somewhere 1/4 or 1/2 sizes to big. In this guide we will try to apply our products on a pair of shoes in UK10 for our test person that usually wears size UK9,5 in the same model of shoes. When the shoes is laced on our test person without any of the products applied its to roomy over the instep and on the front part of the shoe. Its also to roomy in the heel wich causes heel slippage.

Utgångsläget innan korrigering
How the shoe looks laced before the adjustments.

First adjustment - insole

Our first adjustment will be to add a thin insole. This sole will build 1/4 in size. This will make the overall volume of the shoe smaller. After the sole is in place and we have laced the shoe the overall fit is much better, however we still want to be able to lace the shoes harder and to have better fit in the heel.

Ilägssula placerad i skonBy adding the thin insole the volume of the shoe reduces about 1/4 size.

Second adjustment – tounge pad

To get better contact between the tounge and the instep of the feet we will add an tounge pad. This is made out of leather with memory foam wich not only decreases the size of the shoe, it also make the pressure from the tounge very soft on the instep of the feet.
After the tounge pad is attached we can see that the lacing forms a small V. This is not something that always is prefered, but for our test person this is what he prefers.

Plöskudde på platsThe tounge pad is adhesive and is easy to attach to the tounge.

Plöskudden på plats i skonWhen the tounge pad is attached we can see that the lacing forms a V like our test person prefers.

Third adjustment– heel grip

After the first two adjustments the overall fit is much better. However we still experience some heel slippage. We will now add a heel grip wich will make the heel a bit more narrow in shape wich will make the shoe fit our test persons heel better. After the heel grip is attached our test person doesnt experience any heel slippage at all.

Hälfoder på plats i hälen på skon


With these easy adjustments you can adjust the fit of a shoe that is a bit to big. We were able to adjust the size to about 1/2 size smaller with these 3 adjustments.

Below is the final result. Since our test person has quite narrow heels the conclusion was that a half size down in shoes with heel grip would be the perfect choice for him.

Slutresultat efter samtliga korrigeringar If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us through the contact form in the menu and we will be happy to help you!