Split toe shoe trees and hollowed shoe trees

We have 2 different models of shoe trees were one of them is with a split toe front part and one is with a hollowed front part in one piece. Its very small differences between the two models and both are very good shoe trees in high quality. We do get some questions about the differences and will explain them here in this guide.

Special offer february 2017

Our shoe trees are very popular and some of our sizes in our split toe shoe trees is temporarily out of stock. Due to that we have a special offer during february wich means that you can get our hollowed shoe trees (usually 30 sek more expensive / pair) to the same price. If the size you planned to order is out of stock in the split toe version you will get a red information box when you select the size. You can then just order as normally and we will send you the hollow shaped shoe trees instead without any extra charge.

Shoe tree with split toe front part

Delat skoblock
The shoe trees with split toe front part is slightly wider in the front part compared to the hollowed ones. Both are made of red cedar wood from North America.

Shoe tree with hollowed shape

Skoblock med skålad undersida
The shoe trees with hollowed front part is made of one full piece and has a hole through wich enables the shoe to breathe extra good when they are not used. The shape is slightly more narrow in the front part wich makes the shoe trees expand a little further in length in the toe area. They are also of course made out of red cedar wood from North America.