Guide on how to stretch shoes yourself

Most have had shoes that pinch a bit somewhere or are a bit tight overall, making them not quite pleasant to wear. With our shoe stretchers you can stretch the shoes on your own, either stretch them in width more in general, or at a specific point such as for example for your pinky toes or similar. It's recommended to use with the Saphir Shoe Eze spray which softens the leather and makes it easier to stretch it. We have just received a reinforced version of the shoe stretcher that can handle a lot. Below is a guide on how to use the shoe stretcher to make shoes that are too tight fit you.

The shoe stretcher is available in two sizes, Large for men's shoes (from about size EU39/UK5, in sizes from about EU44/UK10 it may start to be slightly small, depending on what to stretch) and a Small for women's shoes. The shoe trees come with plastic parts of different sizes that can be attached to different places on the stretcher to press more properly at sensitive places on the shoes.

For best effect and to avoid unnecessarily strain on the leather, we recommend the use of Saphir Shoe Eze or other product that softens the leather and makes it easier to stretch. If you want to stretch it extra in one place, start by inserting a suitable plastic part. You can also use several of these at once, depending on the desired result.

Then spray Saphir Eze on the area you want to stretch. First, try on a less visible area, so you are sure the leather can withstand the product. If it's the entire width you want to increase, you then spray the entire front of the shoe. Don't forget to also spray the area inside the shoe.

To insert the stretcher, screw the heel part in as far as you can, by screwing on the large knob.

Then screw on the wheel so that the heel portion of the stretcher goes in the back of the shoe and that the front part is placed correctly to stretch on the desired area. If the shoe has a hard toe stiffener, the shoe tree should not be pushed too far forward in the shoe, since it is not possible to stretch the hard stiffener, but only the leather behind the toe cap.

When the stretcher is in place correctly, you start to stretch out the front. It's done by screwing on the inner stick, and its hook at the back. As the stretcher expands, you will feel an increased resistance. Stretch the shoe in the desired way, if necessary release the screws and reposition the stretcher, and then tighten it again. Tighten it so that it clearly pushes out the leather, but not too hard so you risk damaging it.

Then leave the shoe for a day with the stretcher in it. Then you again spray the Saphir Shoe Eze on the area to be stretched, and screw so that the block expands further. This can be repeated a number of times if needed, but it's good to allow the leather to expand incrementally, not to try to strecth everything at once, as you risk creating cracks in the leather.

If the other shoe needs to be stretched as well, the above procedure is repeated on that shoe. Should the stretching not suffice, you can try to stretch further, but be aware that leather can not be stretched indefinitely, you get an assessment of how hard the leather is stressed and if you can go further.

Here you will find our shoe stretchers
Here is Saphir Shoe Eze softening spray

Note, for best result, it is recommended to visit a cobbler who can do a proper stretching of the shoes. With this you may try to solve it yourself. For more complicated stretchings, expensive and/or sensitive shoes, it's better to visit a skilled cobbler for help.