Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede
  • Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede
  • Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede
  • Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede
  • Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede
  • Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede
  • Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede
  • Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede
  • Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede
  • Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede

Skolyx Tassel Loafer Dark Brown Suede

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2,599 SEK

All our Skolyx loafers are equipped with our thin city rubber sole, making them wearable all year round. Goodyear welted on Mallorca with heel stiffeners in leather board, which conforms to the foot and, extra important on loafers.

Here's a tassel loafer in dark brown suede, made on our loafer last Jack with a classic round shape without being stubby. A timeless shoe that never will go out of style, and thanks to being easy to resole and the high-quality material, they can last for many, many years if you take care of them proprely.

To get the best possible fit on loafers, who don't have lacing that can be adjusted, a good tip can be to use self-adhesive leather tongue pads. Works perfect against for example heel slippage.

Goodyear welted
Leather board heel stiffeners which adapt to your feet (cheaper brands usually use plastic heel stiffeners which makes the shoes hard to break in). 

High quality suede from the Italian tannery Sciarada.

Thin city rubber sole developed by us were we have been part of choosing the rubber used and the profile and pattern. The sole has a slim profile just like a leather sole and very good durability due to the rubber material.

Sizes are comparable to other Goodyear welted shoes like Yanko, Crockett & Jones and Carmina. If you are uncertain on your size in welted shoes, please e-mail for further guidance.

Shoe care:
Use a suede brush followed by Saphir Medaille d'Or Super Invulner to protect from water and dirt. Use Saphir Medaille d'Or Suede Renovator Spray in dark brown when the color needs to be improved and to give some nourishment. More info on shoe care below.

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Thin rubber sole
Goodyear welted
Dark brown suede
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See in the text above for which specific products to use for these shoes.

Basic shoe care:
- Don’t use the same pair for two consecutive days
- Brush / wipe the shoes off after use
- Use shoe trees and shoehorn
- Treat leather with shoe cream / suede and textile with waterproofing spray
Learn more on these steps in this guide.

Further shoe care info:
Read this guide on how to clean, nourish and shine leather shoes.
For how to clean, refresh and protect suede and nubuck, read this guide.

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More information

Shoe care advice
You come a long way by just follow these four steps (more on these in this guide):
- Don't use the same pair for two consecutive days
- Brush/wipe off the shoes after use
- Use shoe trees in cedar wood
- Treat with waterproofing spray

For water proofing we recommend Saphir Medaille d'Or Super Invulner. Best is to use it on shoes that are relatively clean. If the shoes are very dirty, wash them first with a mild cleaner like Saphir Omninettoyant and make sure they dry properly. Suede shoes are then brushed with a good suede brush which lifts the fibres. If the suede need more deep care and re-colouring, first use Saphir Medaille d'Or Suede Renovateur spray. If the shoes are more moderately dirty you only do the step with the suede brush and get rid of the dirt with that.

Spray evenly over the entire shoe from about 20 cm distance. Super Invulner is highly concentrated, so one layer around the shoe is enough. This is done outside. After 10-15 minutes you can go over the shoes gently with the suede brush, or use a regular shoe brush with horsehair. You now have a very good protection against water and dirt that goes deeper into the material. How often the shoes needs spraying depends on the conditions they are used in and how often they are worn, but around ones a month with normal use.



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