Shoe trees in cedar wood

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Shoe trees in cedar wood which are expandable both in length and width. To use a pair of shoe trees of high quality will prolong the lifespan of your shoes considerably, since it helps the shoes retain its shape at the same time as they can dry in a good way. Shoe trees stretch out creases and make sure that the toe doesn’t rise up.

Manufactured in untreated red cedar wood with a lovely scent, which absorb moisture in a great way at the same time as it eliminates potential odour and deter harmful insects. Brass coloured, stainless steel parts and a practical knob, which makes it easy to put in and take out the shoe trees. Also works excellent in boots, since the most important job for a shoe tree is to straighten the sole and creases over the vamp, if you turn the shoe tree slightly outwards when you insert it it will slip in easily.

The trees are relatively large in size, it’s common to go down 0,5-1 size compared to the size you wear in your Goodyear welted shoes, more info in this guide. For women’s shoes we recommend that you go down two sizes compared to your shoe size, in this guide there's more info on shoe trees for women's shoes. You can also adjust the width with a screw, more info below.

Don’t miss our excellent quantity discount with prices as low as €19/pair. More information about this further down. It’s no problem to mix sizes and still receive the quantity discount.

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How to use
Make It a habit to always insert your shoe trees straight after you’ve arrived home and taken the shoes off, when they are still moist, since the shoe trees are extra important at that time. If you turn the trees slightly outwards when you insert and remove them it will make it easier, especially on boots.

While you’re at it, brush off dirt with a shoe brush or wipe them off with a dishcloth, and have two pairs of shoes to switch between so they are allowed to dry properly. This in combination with some shoe cream every now and then will make wonder for the lifespan of your shoes. Good for your shoes, good for your wallet and not least good for the environment. More about basic shoe care in this guide.

Adjust the width of the shoe trees
The springy outer part of the shoe trees front can easily be adjusted in width, with the screw on the side. Below a film showing how it’s done. It's important to contract the front part before turning the screw.



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