Here you will find our affordable hangers of very high quality, lots of different variants, hangers for jackets, shirt hangers, pant hangers, scarf hangers, belt hangers, tie hangers, and so on. We have hangers in two different ranges, one with hangers in untreated cedar wood that has moisture-absorbing features and protect against insect pests, one with hangers in a lovely high gloss finish which is excellent both in the wardrobe or for guests in the hall.

Since your garments spend most of their time hanging on hangers, it's a good investment to have these in the right shape and of high quality. If you take care of your stuff, they will last longer and be nicer looking during the years.
Don't miss out on the fact that many of our hangers have a superb quantity discount, so you can take the opportunity to fill up your entire wardrobe at once.